You’ve spent a lot of time recording your music. You spent time songwriting, arranging all the instruments, and maybe even spent the time in a professional studio making sure all the elements of your project were recorded properly. And your song sounds good so far, but it doesn’t sound complete. And that’s where I come in.

My goal with each song I mix is to ensure each musical element sounds as best as possible,
and for every song to reach its full potential.

I do this by working closely with each artist to achieve a balanced mix with a radio-ready polished sound. I approach each track with a fresh perspective, and give each element of a song the individual attention it needs.

One of the things I love about offering my services online is the ability to connect with musicians from all around the world. I’ve had the opportunity to work with artists from all around the United States, Canada, Spain, and more. I hope you consider Marshall Mixing to help take your song, EP, or album to the next level.



Mixing is the first step in transforming a recorded performance to something that sounds like a professional song. A well-mixed track will provide a balanced sound and ensure that all instruments and elements of a song can be heard clearly.
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Delivered in both .MP3 and .WAV formats with plenty of headroom, so your mastering engineer will be happy

Vocal Tuning

If you have vocal tracks that need a bit of help, or if you are just looking for that “auto-tune” effect, then vocal tuning can be very useful. Vocal tuning is offered at a per track rate. Vocal tuning can be offered as a standalone service, or be added on to my mixing services.
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Delivered in .WAV format to easily import into any DAW for mixing

Every song is different, so please contact me for a customized quote!

Latest Examples

Mark Midwinter – Seagulls
Lidio C – Times
Lemon. – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Cover)
BZG – Everyone’s Wanting (Mi Gente Is Wanting) feat. Los Hernandez
Madbrian – Soul’s Window
B.E.L.L.A. – Nola, Paper Bullets